Slab-basin-display 5240480571 OPlanning a new bathroom? If you are not comfortable with your current bathroom or it is the time to decide on the shower room of your new house. Read on for our tips for creating a new bathroom for anyone based in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire.


The first thing is to know if you want to leave some parts of your bath in or start from the scratch. Don´t worry about the room size or the budget, there´s plenty of combinations to get the most out of it.

It is important to draw up a layout thinking about who is going to use the bath, how they will do it and the style (contemporary or classic), all of this, bearing in mind the space that you have. It is not the same for a bathroom for a family (you may keep spaces for medicines, bath toys, lotions…), for a couple or single person; moreover, if a bath is a simply a functional part of your house or maybe you love spending time there to relax, drying yourself or getting away from reality. Same thing if you only have one bathroom but you need your space, so twin basins are your solution.


As a result of the above, you will have the basis to commence. If your idea is a radical change, you could start with walls and floors, keep in mind avoiding slippy floors in traffic areas after have a shower, or problems like mould and causes of damp. It could be a good recommendation to put tiles in the shower or bath wall and under floor heating to avoid this kind of trouble. Tiles forming a mosaic in relaxing tones like a range of greys are popular in many updated hotel decorations and magazines. Don´t forget that long tiles give you a effect that bath is bigger.

To save space, the shower is the best in place of a bathtub, there are a lot showers in the market like digital, electric, mixer… a eco shower helps you to reduce water consumption or thermostatic shower doesn’t allow it to reach scalding or freezing water.

An other point is the ventilation, you have to keep it in mind and much more if your furniture is made of wood. Consider the lights as well, forget to look for the switch or save money  using them only when you are inside with motion sensor, and put them in a correct place to avoid disturbing at night.

If you are concerned about the budget, maybe you are not willing to carry out a construction work, so you are seeking a new redistribution or decoration.

Finish with shampoo bottles in floor or shower, it doesn’t give you a tidy or organisated feeling, use a bookcase placed next to shower and shelves inside of it. Shelves above and below the basin, a freestanding storage and recessed shelves (appropriate to save space) are good ideas to keep all in order. Lately you don´t need to buy a piece of furniture for keeping anything, woven baskets or wooden boxes are trend-setting.

Most of all, you should enjoy the process of planning your new bathroom.