Unique, luxurious and chic. Our range of high quality bathroom fittings are curated from manufacturers around the world and displayed in our central Cheltenham bathroom showroom. Taking inspiration from the best spas our range of taps, shower heads and more, aim to give your bathroom the A-list look and exclusive feel that sets the best bathrooms apart from regular bathrooms.

Bathrooms and bathroom furniture are sensual and architectural places, not just functional. Celebrating the beauty of flowing water, our collection of taps, showers and accessories feature modern architectural and more natural organic shapes. Each designed to create a beautiful luxurious space.

If your tastes are more classical, then we have a wide range of period style taps, showers and accessories to compliment traditional classically designed sanitary ware. Providing an authentic touch to period style Cheltenham Regency era bathrooms reflecting the architecture of the period with it’s generous use of material from an era dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

Creating a look that is both contemporary and timeless, which blends elegantly into any bathroom environment for a chic, enduring, stylish feel. Solid, classic design appeals across a broad spectrum spectrum of designer bathroom interiors.

Our Cheltenham bathroom showrooms feature classic and contemporary designes, perfect to compliment any modern bathroom.