The current trends for design of bespoke bathrooms in 2019/20

As we run up to Christmas, it’s time to look ahead to the trends likely to keep on your radar for 2020.

2019 saw the continuance of the use of a neutral palette of colours. Will this continue into next year, or is the re emergence of strong accent colours going to  be come the new trend. Certainly bold black bathrooms continue to be popular, with pewter and gunmetal finishes for hardware. Black is indeed the new grey, but will this continue? Trends for dressing and powder rooms are featuring statement walls for impact. With matt finishes being poular.

Design wise, layouts are increasingly positioning vanity units in front of windows to make the best use of natural light. However open concept designs continue to be on trend.

High tech is certainly here to stay with built in speaker systems and voice activated features for lights and tv’s and other smart devices such as smart mirrors with voice control for that high tech spa experience.

Having spoken about black being the new grey, competing trends for the return of vintage finishes such as brass and gold fixtures to bring in warmer tones. This competes with the ever present industrial warehouse loft style bathroom trends. It’s not the right choice for every environment, but if your room has the style and crucially the height to carry this off, then this edgy remodeling trend is perfect. If your room is smaller, you can of course consider freestanding industrial look vanity units to give a similar hint.

The trend for bringing in texture to other wise sleek and smooth bathroom designs is set to continue. These can be inset features or reflected in your choice of tiles for splash backs and shower and wet room areas. The number of people considering shower toilets as a way of making bet use of available space and avoiding clutter.

So watch this space, what trends in bespoke bathroom design will emerge during 2020?