To all lovers of shopping Cheltenham is the perfect place to visit.

This city is full of big shops where you can buy everything you want. There are a lot of places to have a break and eat or drink something with friends, big chain stores of clothes, house’s objects and also for take care of yourself. Next those there are designer boutiques, too. This town is vibrant and it has a long Promenade that many people consider one of the best of UK for shopping.

The biggest shops are in the main street, but there are also independent shops, the most important area for these is the Montpellier district. It is the road of design!

It’s here where you can find a lot of bathroom shops, they are very handsome, fashion and sought, but they are very expensive, too. We can say that is the perfect area for the people who are searching a bathroom of a very big quality. They have showers, toilets, bathtubs and much more from top brands in this sector.

In all the shops there is an expert that receives the costumers and help them to choose their perfect combination of price and quality.

Many people from the Cotswolds come to Cheltenham to buy their new bathroom because here they can find creative and particular details, a lot of different materials from wood to plastic and glass, all the colour that you can imagine and many different types.

You can order your bathroom in the shop, but also leave them the creation and they will to produce the best for you. You can personalise some parts as you want and tell with them about all your ideas about it.