Whether you are looking for a luxurious and chic bathroom or a classic and traditional one, at Montpellier Interior Classics located in Cheltenham you will find your bespoke bathroom.

As we custom-make our products, we will be able to design a bathroom to suit your specific needs taking in consideration both your unique ideas and your budget.

If you do not know yet what you would like your bespoke bathroom to look like, we can guide you and suggest you a variety of different colours and styles to help you create your perfect relaxing environment.

Using a computer-aided design programme (CAD) called Vectorworks, we can design and make drawings more accurate, detailed, quickly and easily changeable to fit your necessities and desires.

Montpellier Interior Classics does not only support you in finding your bespoke bathroom, but also use materials and products that will not go out of fashion and will not deteriorate; instead we will use products and materials that are lightly patterned and will mature with age to always make your bathroom look clean and newly made.

Thanks to our architects and designers in Cheltenham, we are able to brilliantly design perfect fitted bathrooms to maximise your space and give you stylish, high quality options to meet your budget.

We are also able to help customers with special needs by making a bespoke bathroom that will not look like a special needs one.

Depending on the customer’s particular requirements, we can include using a wet floor mosaic tiling to provide level access and a non-slip finish, positioning ladder-type towel rails that can be used as grab rails, using cleverly-designed special needs items that look beautiful and still meet a customer’s needs.

Montpellier Interior Classic is then always able to fit every customer’s needs to design and supply the ultimate bespoke bathrooms.