If you have special requirements for your bathroom, we can help you design a bespoke bathroom as you wish it to be.

Whatever style you like, we are specialised in modern, traditional and Danish designs. You won’t have to worry that your bathroom may go out of fashion after a couple of years, as we plan our layouts with the thought about how they still will be current in the future.

Ever since Montpellier Interior Classics has been founded we offer high quality consulting to our customers. In addition to our showroom based in Cheltenham, we offer to come to your home for a site visit and to discuss your project ideas.

To succeed in your bathroom project, we only use Vectorworks, which is a computer-aided design programme (CAD), for our designs and drawings. This allows us to make drawings more accurate than sketch plans, work more detailed on the layouts and change them quickly if required.

As we have our own teams of installers, all work and installations are guaranteed to the highest level. When finished they will of course clean and tidy up all the stuff used.

The project of your bespoke bathroom will be fully supported from planning up to completion by our team.