Are you fed up with your current bathroom and need a change? Nowadays, there are several bathroom upgrade options to brighten it up.




Make the small big

To make your small bathroom seem bigger, following points should be considered. A corner sink can be a huge advantage for small bathrooms to save space. An additional space-saving option is to use sliding shower doors or shower curtains. Using large-scale squares such as wide stripes may help your space to look larger, as well as a mirror, which covers the entire wall behind the vanity.

Light it up

Most people like having a spacious bathroom which is flooded by light. Using the ideal lightning is essential for a fantastic bathroom. Just use the minimum of storage needed to leave more open space.
Remember – Less is more.

Expand your storage

A brilliant idea for limited space is to choose furniture that makes the most out of dead spaces. Wall-hung fittings are clever ideas and almost don’t take any space as well. They create an illusion of a larger bathroom because you can see the floor beneath these fittings.

As you can see there are many different ways for smart bathroom upgrades, which can be achieved even with little money.