As bath and sanitaryware market has steadily increased since 2013, quality bathroom designs and installations have become more requested every year, making the bathroom one of the most valuable and appreciated parts of your home. Clients are more demanding in terms of details and personalisation and they require high level service and professionals that can satisfy their every need and desire.

Since 2015 bathroom market value have risen by 14%, also with good growth anticipated into the medium-long term. Imports form low cost countries, like China and Eastern Europe, continue to hold a bit the market growth, but sanitaryware and bathroom furniture local industries are going up in number and dimension. People pay more attention to their bathroom or bathrooms, as it’s estimated¬†an average of 1.8 bathrooms for a three-bed house, 2.6 in a four-bed dwelling and 3.5 in a five-bed property.

Montpellier Classic Bathroom based in Cheltenham, owns one of the most stocked bathroom showrooms in Gloucestershire, with the finest furniture from all around the country. The best architects and designers with their skills will help customers to make unique every piece of their bathroom, curating every single detail and following any requirements.

They offer a design service that will satisfy any customer needs. Their professionals will follow the project since the initial design, made together with the client, using their expertise to transform customer’s idea in a plan that will fit the room. Moreover, they will ensure purchasers to have a bespoke bathroom, with a unique style that won’t go out of fashion and that will maintain its character during years. Their designers will usually suggest natural, classic materials for this reason, being not to heavy patterned and that will mature with age.

Montpellier Classic Bathroom is also specialised in bathrooms installations with minimum disruption to residents’ everyday life. Their team of expert installers can offer different solutions to suit every customer needs. If required, can be used an outside scaffolding staircase to access the bathroom from windows and a negative pressure extraction system to keep dust in the workspace and not carrying it in other rooms. Installations allow to respect as much as possible privacy and confidentiality, protecting customers property and supply full technical support for any incoming issues.

Following clients in every step of the project, from design, through planning and construction, until customers service, Montpellier Classic Bathroom provide a full bathroom design and installation experience, that stands out for furniture and design quality, details’ attention and customer service.